Monday, January 19, 2015

Lord of the World

"There is a book, excuse me but I'll make commercial, there is a book that maybe is a bit heavy at the beginning because it was written in 1903 in London. It is a book that at that time, the writer had seen this drama of the ideological colonization and wrote in that book, it is called [...] "The Lord of the World." One of those. The author is Benson, written in 1903. But I advise you to read it, and reading it you will understand what I mean by ‘ideological colonization’."
-Pope Francis on the flight back from the Philippines and Sri Lanka

This book of which the Pope is speaking is one of my favorite books. I must recommend that you read it. It is not a difficult book. In fact, it is rather easy to read and quite difficult to put down. It is a gripping story.

The Pope has cited this book before. It seems to have left a rather deep mark on him and, perhaps, if we are to understand him better we would do well to consult the works he mentions with some frequency.

I dare not say too much more or I will spoil the fun of the book!

Here is a Wikipedia article with a plot summary. - don't read the whole summary if you want to really enjoy the book!

Available on as well as for FREE on the Internet Archive.

Friday, January 9, 2015

Christmas Trip Home

I was very happy to be able to see some of the parishioners of St. Gregory while I was in NJ for the holidays. Fr. McClane was very kind to let me concelebrate Mass for the holy days.

I was in Burlington at the parish of St. Katherine Drexel assisting on the weekends while I was in the States as well.

However, in my traveling home, I noticed that if I took a lay-over in Istanbul, the trip was quite a bit less expensive. Who does not like saving a few dollars?...

It turned out to be a wonderful idea to stop over for a visit both heading to the States and then on my way back to Rome. Some images:

I was rather hoping this museum would be open...sadly, no.

Turns out that my emotional baggage put me over the weight limit...

The Siloam Inscription which is very important for Biblical Archaeology and is exhibited in the Archaeological Museum in Istanbul

I am pretty sure there were villains in an episode of Dr. Who.

Hagia Sofia in the snow

The Blue Mosque in the snow

Forecourt of the Blue Mosque with about two inches of ice on the marble makes for fun walking...

Hagia Sofia in the snow

Anatolia under the snow

It did not snow in NYC until the minute I was ready to board my flight back to Rome!!
Fun marble doors on the upper south side of the basilica

No matter how much whitewash and paint you apply to the mosaics, that cross pattern is still going to keep coming through... Iconoclasm / aniconicism are unsustainable.
*Massive* porphyry columns supporting the upper storey

Location of the Emperor's throne

Record of the 1166 Synod held in the basilica

Resurrection from the Parecclesion of the Chora Church

Thursday, January 8, 2015


Some (read: many) people pointed out to me that, in the midst of moving this past summer, I neglected to add my new address to the blog. My new information is:

Rev. Kevin J. Kimtis
Casa Santa Maria
Via dell'Umiltà, 30
Roma, 00187

My email is:

kkimtis (at)